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Sum up your blog in three words...
Quite interesting, with a sense of humour and a touch of obscurity.

What's the story behind your blog name?
Back in the 1990s my mother violently popped out two children. Two lovely girls who, needless to say, needed to get dressed. And so she did. She made collection after collection, sitting behind her sewing machine, just like her mother had done before her (who of course enthusiastically helped dressing the new generation).

As a fashion school graduate she wanted to give her collections something special. One day she looked at the wild curly hair of my older sibling. "Pluche!", she shouted in a eureka moment, "Fashioned by Pluche!". And so history was made. Since then every handmade dress, skirt and jacket was provided with a Fashioned by Pluche tag.

So in 2013, when I started this blog, coming up with an appropiate name was easy peasy: an ode to my mother and grandmother. As they gave me so much more than just clothes.

Why did you start blogging?
Although blogging was something that interested me from the get-go (and people around me urged me to start a blog of my own), I actually started blogging just after my beloved grandmother passed away. I guess I was looking for something to distract me so her absence wasn't a constant void consuming my mind. Although blogging hasn't solved this deep loss, it has helped me exploring my interests and developing a vision on the world beyond my bedroom walls.

Why fashion?
The style of clothes we wear, and the accessories that go with them, can be seen as billboards displaying our inner, outer, natural and cultural environments. It's an expression of self, but also contains a high dose of other. Of the restrictions and boundaries put upon us. And of the sought liberations to overstep those build borders.

This constant shifting tension is what makes fashion (history) exciting and personal. It's a mirror of society, of technology and of the values we hold close to our hearts and skins. It's a visual representation and summery of our morals, manners and ethics. Basically it's one of the most interdisciplinary 'sciences' you can find. Never a dull moment in fashion...


Describe yourself in three words...
Sometimes insecure, often dramatic and generally supportive.

What are you currently studying?
I'm currently following a (pre)master course in Gender Studies at Utrecht University.

What's your zodiac sign?
Libra! And my Chinese zodiac sign is a dog.

Three things you can't leave the house without...
If I'm thinking logically: phone, my public transport card and money.
If I'm thinking illogically: lipstick, sunglasses and mints.

Why is your dog so cute?
I know right...

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